Messages from the VPG

The Vice-president General of the Pacific District, Sons of the American Revolution writes comments on this page.

VPG Welcome Message

Welcome to the Sons of the American Revolution Pacific District!

The Pacific District includes the state societies of Alaska, Oregon and Washington. These state societies are made up of local chapters throughout the Pacific Northwest where our members enjoy the camaraderie of fellow descendants of the heroes of the American Revolution.

Our chapters provide many exciting and fulfilling opportunities for our members to contribute to our communities. We are a patriotic organization that strives to instill pride in American history, especially of the Revolutionary Era, through our many school and youth outreach activities. We honor the service and sacrifices of military veterans and support ROTC programs. We recognize public service, and our uniformed color guards enrich ceremonies throughout the year.

Please use this web site to find a chapter near you. The state and chapter contacts will be happy to help you apply for membership. I hope to see you at one of our chapter meetings soon!

Jay C. “Cris” Bisgard, M.D.
Vice President General 2015 – 2016

VPG Report Fall 2014

I attended the Oregon Board of Management and the Thomas Jefferson and Republic Chapter meetings in Eugene and in Salem this October. We had reports at the OR BOM for all the committees and the meeting was led by David Devin in the absence of Johnny Alexander. No business was completed due to the lack of a quorum. Other items from NSSAR Leadership this fall were: Louisville Congress has now an extra hotel for the 25 June 15 to 01 July dates. The Louisville Hyatt will now be used for the second hotel as the Galt House is full. Congress Planning has chosen California for the 2019 Congress. Record copies of applications can only be ordered by members and officers. Prospective members cannot order copies due to privacy concerns. Bob Bogardus is the new OR Minuteman, way to go Bob. There is a new Patriot History Committee and the Chairman is Douglas Collins of KY. Information is on the NSSAR website to provide patriot histories. A certain number per state will result in the state receiving a flag streamer and certificate.

I will and have been attending the WASSAR board meetings. We have one on 25 October. A vote on WASSAR Bylaws will take place and the state is now incorporated to provide liability for officers under a corporate umbrella. The WASSAR Color Guard is active and amazing. Teri Lindley has taken over the leadership of the WASSAR Ladies Auxiliary–thank you Teri.

Chapter wise I wish to report the quality of leadership by Roger Swim of the ORSSAR Thomas Jefferson Chapter and also David Devin of the Republic chapter. Both are providing great programs for their members. I have attended the Cascade Centennial Chapter and the George Washington Chapter of the WASSAR. Great leadership by Eric Howard and Dan Heidt. The CCSAR chapter is heavily involved in Wreaths across America and expects to provide 1000 wreaths to the Sunset Hills Cemetery in Bellevue,

I was honored to give Compatriot Robert Ringo of the Republic
Chapter ORSSAR a Veteran Certificate. Compatriot Ringo was a B26 Aviator in the Mediterranean Theater in WW2 and received the Croix de Gere along with other medals in his 60 missions in the B26—way cool!!!

Jim Lindley
VPG Pacific

Notes from the 2013 SAR Spring Leadership Conference

Excerpts from the 2013 Spring Leadership Conference/Trustees meeting that may interest Pacific District members:

  •  The DAR donated approximately 900 duplicate books from their library to the SAR Library.


  • New member applications are backlogged six weeks; supplementals are backlogged ten weeks. The goal is to have no more than a four-week backlog toward which the Staff is diligently working.


  • State Societies that cumulatively donate $1000 to the SAR Foundation during any year, July 1 – June 30, are recognized with a streamer for their state flag.


  • The State Challenge Campaign recognizes State Societies when 20% of their members donate $250 each to the SAR Foundation. The member’s name is engraved on a plaque in the new headquarters building.


  • The new SAR Chaplains Manual is posted on the SAR web site.


  • The Molly Pitcher Award for women support the SAR Color Guard is approved. Criteria for this Award will be outlined in the SAR Color Guardsman Manual.


  • The Robert B. Vance Award for “Best Website” is available to State Societies and Chapters; details are available in the Forms and Publications of National’s website.


  • The new retail store at 809 W. Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky, scheduled to open in 2014, is expecting to generate 50% of our non-member revenue.


  • The National Ladies Auxiliary contributed $93,181 to the Center for Advancing America’s Heritage to date.


  • Under development is Operation REACH (Reaching Every American Compatriot at Home), a new partnership between the SAR and to help increase SAR membership. has offered to solicit their subscribers for interest in joining the SAR.


  • The Newsletters and Periodicals Committee is recruiting new members. This is the Committee who reviews State and Chapter newsletters and awards cash prizes to them.


  • If your Chapter plans to participate in Wreaths Across America in 2013 you must re-register each year.  420,000 veterans were honored by sponsored wreaths in 2012. Wreaths Across America will next be celebrated Saturday, December 14, 2013.


  • Military Service Records are compiled at Headquarters by Compatriot Mike Scroggins. When Chapters install a new member, include a reporting form in his new-member packet; encourage him to fill it out and sent it in. This form is found on the SAR web site under Forms.


  • A new Veterans Recognition Committee (VRC) has been created. Visit the VRC web page to learn more.


  • IRS Form 990-N. If a State or Chapter misses filing this form three years in a row, they lose their Tax Exempt Status.


Bob Doughty

VPG Pacific District